Dance Away by Hidden_Layers
Summary: Two opposites who have never gotten along accidentally meet one another at a masquerade. Soon the two get trapped in a whirlwind of confusion and love as they struggle to find out each others identities...[Azureshipping]
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1. Delighted to Dance by Hidden_Layers

Delighted to Dance by Hidden_Layers
Author's Notes:

Two opposites who have never gotten along accidentally meet one another at a masquerade. Soon, the two get trapped in a whirlwind of confusion and love as they struggle to find out each others' identities...


Anzu Mazaki: Age 17, highschooler, single, loves to dance.
Seto Kaiba: Age 17, highschooler, CEO of Kaiba Corp.
Mokuba Kaiba: (I am not so sure about Mokuba's real age, so I'm just making this up! Heh, sorry!) Age 13, Middle School, younger brother of Seto Kaiba.

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Kazuki Takashi, from the show Yu-Gi-Oh. The plot is property of Hidden_Layers. I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. (Part of the disclaimer belongs to Azurite in the sample disclaimer ^_^)

My elbows rested on the cold metal bar as I tried to remain comfortable in my stiff black tuxedo. I sighed and re-positioned my white mask as I gazed at the garden, trying to ignore the chattering and laughing in the ballroom. Here I was, coaxed into yet another party by my brother Mokuba; this time the party was a masquerade, with people dancing and laughing and having fun while I stood on the balcony doing nothing.

I gasped slightly as I spotted a figure, in the garden. Yes, the figure was definately a female. She was... dancing? I struggled to take a better look despite knowing how odd I probably looked, leaning out of the balcony, with my eyes wide.

The moonlight reflected off her face. Her eyes were closed, while her graceful movements were mezmerizing... a dark blue mask covered her nose and part of her cheeks, but I could see chestnut brown hair tied up in a simple ponytail by a silk azure ribbon. Her slim figure was dressed in a simple light blue gown, hugging her every curve.

Realizing I was staring, I growled and looked away.

'What a waste of time,' I thought to myself. Dancing in the garden... I rolled my eyes and stepped back to rest on the wall. Stupid dancer.

A beautiful melody played from the ballroom as I longingly watched the couples dance. I wished to dance, too, but I had no partner whatsoever. This dance was hosted for charity, and I had come to replace my parents who had donated quite a lot of money.

As I looked around the ballroom, it eased me slightly to know that these were all people who cared for the homeless and for orphaned children. I watched as the couples switched partners and yet another song began to play.

I strolled out of the Kaiba mansion and into the garden. Yep, that's right: Seto Kaiba the jerk had volunteered to lend his mansion for this ball. Everybody here now thinks Seto Kaiba must be the best guy in the world, but I was 99 percent sure Mokuba was the one who got Kaiba to do it. I giggled to myself slightly as I began to move my arms and legs.

A cool breeze blew through my ponytail as I admired the beautiful garden. There was a beautiful fountain, flowers and grass, trees and bushes everywhere, but the place that caught my eye was an even stone floor over the grass. I stepped onto the stone platform.

'Perfect for dancing.'

I closed my eyes and let the soft music from the ballroom take control of me as I began dancing. Suddenly all that was in my mind was to dance. Dance, dance, dance the night away...this was what I was made for. I knew it.

I felt like all my worries were somewhere else, but suddenly I felt someone put a hand on my waist and another held my hand, and a husky voice sent shivers down my spine...


Curiousity got the better of me as I silently headed down to the garden. Despite what you might think, I'm still human... and ALL humans have a nosy --no, curious-- side. Also, no one would know who I was anyway... I touched my now-black hair. I had dyed it so no one could possibly tell who I was without some difficulty now... with a confident smirk plastered on my face I strode into the garden.

I suddenly froze, and stared at her... unable to move. I felt petrified. I absent-mindedly put my hand on her waist and the open palm of her hand. The moment her eyes shot open with surprise, I regained my sense and chuckled, "May I have this dance?"

"I'd..." I smirked in amusement as she fiddled with a loose strand of hair. Noticing my smirk, she glared at me, then gave me a smirk of her own, "I'd be delighted to dance."

NOTE: Sorry for the short stuff, but this is kind of a hold-back-suspense PROLOGUE. :D Expect the next chapter to be longer! XD I'm pretty sure you know who these two characters are by now, but if you don't... er... yeah. I'm hinting that this is an AZURESHIPPING fic. Anyway, please review! ~Hidden Layers

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