Christmas Corner by Hidden_Layers
Summary: [Azureshipping]Christmas is here and the YGO gang are all at Kaiba Mansion for a Christmas party that Mokuba is hosting!  But when mischevious little Mokuba places a mistletoe in a corner, and two of our favourite brunettes step under it...well, what can I say? [X'mas Special!] 
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1. Christmas Corner by Hidden_Layers

Christmas Corner by Hidden_Layers
Author's Notes:

XD A special X'mas fic to you all! Please leave a comment! This is my first one-shot, EVER! :D

Christmas is here and the YGO gang are all at Kaiba Mansion for a Christmas party that Mokuba is hosting! But when mischevious little Mokuba places a mistletoe in a corner, and two of our favourite brunettes step under it...well, what can I say? [X'mas Special!]

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Kazuki Takashi, from the show Yu-Gi-Oh. The plot is property of Hidden_Layers. I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. (Part of the disclaimer belongs to Azurite in the sample disclaimer ^_^)

Mokuba Kaiba stuck out his quivering bottom lip. His eyes turned big and teary. He pouted. "Se-to! Please...I really, really want a Christmas party! I promise I'll take care of all the planning! Please..."

Seto Kaiba growled and then slapped a hand to his forehead in frustration. "Ugh...fine, fine! Just stop doing... that."

Mokuba immediately stopped pouting, and he grinned and jumped up in the air.

"YAY!" he laughed, punching his fist into the air. "I'll start planning immediately!" Running out the door, Mokuba stopped just for a second, "Oh, and Seto?"


"I'm gonna put a plant up for decoration, 'kay?"

"Whatever you want, Mokuba."

Grinning, the young raven-haired boy gave his brother a thumbs up before running out Seto's office excitedly.

Seto let a small smile brush across his features, for just a split second. Then it was back to Mr.Grumpyhead,

"I hope Mokuba doesn't plan to invite that Mutt...or that cheerleader...or that show-off...or that so called 3000 year-old spirit...or anybody in the geek squad..."

He sighed and returned to his work, but not before a thought passed through his mind, 'If he doesn't invite the geeks, who will he invite?' Seto had no answer.


December 24


Mokuba looked over his masterpiece. Light blue and purple tinsel decorated the mansion walls, while hot dogs, chips, pizza, and more snacks and refreshments sat on tables and trays carried by maids. A beautiful Christmas tree stood by the window, a golden star on the top, tinsel and angel ornaments decorating its green branches. A large stereo played a variety of Christmas songs. Currently, "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" was on.

Ding Dong, Ding Dong!

Mokuba continued to sing along to the cheery melody as he ran to the door to answer the bell. He opened it and saw Anzu Mazaki smiling at him, wearing a gray trenchcoat, gloves, and a scarf while she held a tray of what was unmistakably homemade chocolate chip cookies before her. Mokuba quickly invited her in and beamed at her.

"Hey Anzu! You're the first one here!"

"These cookies are for your party. Here, should I put them on the table?" She looked around at the festively-decorated mansion and nodded in appreciation. "Wow, Mokuba. The mansion is really beautiful! Did you decorate it all by yourself?"

Mokuba nodded and began to urge her upstairs. "We can't start the games without the others, so why not go upstairs and wait in the living room?" He stopped and pushed her up the stairs. "Go make yourself comfortable! I just need to, er...take care of some of food and game stuff. Go ahead!"

"Oh, um... all right..." Anzu said hesitantly as she moved up the stairs. She watched Mokuba run to who-knows-where. With a nervous laugh, she began to walk around the humongous second floor of the mansion, hoping she wouldn't get lost.


Seto sighed as Mokuba ran into his room, "Seto, Seto!"


"What is it Mokuba?"

The younger Kaiba grabbed onto Seto's sleeve and started to pull him out of his office.

"I can't find Anzu! I'm scared she's lost in the mansion; you know how big it is! PLEASE, can you help me find her? Two heads are better than one!"

Seto growled, then sighed. "Fine, fine... I'll go." Reluctantly, the CEO walked out of his office and began to look for the 'nosy cheerleader'.

You couldn't blame him for not spotting the devious smirk on Mokuba's face.

'Yep! Anzu + Seto + Mistletoe = Happy Brother or... yeah, KISS.'

With quiet laughter, Mokuba began to sing under his breath, "Anzu and Seto...under a mistletoe, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love..."


Anzu slumped to the ground and sighed hopelessly.

"I'm lost. I'm lost..." She wearily looked around her. NOW she was in a kind of... spare room place. The walls were bare, and the only thing in the room was a plain white bed and desk. Suddenly she heard heavy footsteps coming her way. She let out a groan when she saw who it was.


Anzu giggled when she saw Mokuba had been able to stuff a Santa hat on Kaiba's head, but she fought the urge to laugh loudly when Kaiba glared at her.

"Mazaki," Kaiba stated with narrowed eyes, but an amused smirk crossed his lips. "Lost, I see?"

Anzu rolled her eyes sarcastically, "Yeah, what do you think?"

"Get up." Kaiba got a hold on Anzu's arm and dragged her to her feet before pulling her out of the door.

"Hey! Watch that," Anzu complained irratibly, "So rude..."

"What was that?" the CEO snapped, pulling her to a corner absent-mindedly.

"Oh, nothing... erm-- I said, go dude..." Anzu chuckled nervously, as her eyes went to the ceiling.

Kaiba grumbled, and was about to open his mouth to say something when he felt soft rose-petal lips press gently his own. Even if it was just a brief brush, Kaiba began to feel light-headed and he felt the strangest fluttering sensation in his stomach.

He could feel a blush form on his cheeks while his heart bounced around in his chest. He looked in Anzu's direction, but she didn't look the tiniest bit flustered, and there was the smallest of smiles on her face.

Wide-eyed and flabbergasted, Kaiba was about to demand for an explanation when Anzu said, "Look up."

Kaiba looked heavenwards, and there was a mistletoe, hanging over the couple in a corner.

Ding Dong, Ding Dong!

"Oh, other people are here!" Anzu began to tug on Kaiba's shirt, "I still don't know the way! Show me."

Kaiba smirked, "Only if you kiss me again." Rolling her eyes, Anzu leaned in to kiss...

His nose.

Kaiba frowned, his eyes glinting of amusement, "You missed."

"No, I didn't. That was a kiss. Now come on!" And he did show her the way. But not before kissing her one more time.

And he didn't miss.

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