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Summary: For the 30kisses LJ community theme #4: our distance and that person and the ygo_lyricwheel, Round #1: Whispers. Something untangible and unspoken separates the two of them from what they both know they want more than anything. But even as time passes, will feelings truly fade?

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Published: 12/07/2005 Updated: 12/07/2005

1. Lover Alone by Azurite [Reviews - 0] (1396 words)

Lover Alone
A Yu-Gi-Oh Fanfiction by Azurite
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This fic is for the 30kisses LiveJournal Community (original list, theme #4 - our distance and that person) and is also for Round #1 of the ygo_lyricwheel, "Whispers." The song is "The Dumbing Down of Love," by Frou Frou. Lyrics are included at the bottom of the fic merely for "mood-setting" sake. This is NOT a songfic. It *IS* a oneshot, and will NOT be continued.

I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh, its characters, or the song. No profit is made from this fanfiction whatsoever. It's a work of entertainment, and nothing more.