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Summary: [Oneshot; Post-series; Pre-GX] Kaiba and Yugi discuss the Blue Eyes White Dragon and the chains of Fate. "To Hell with dead men's promises." And then there is Anzu.

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Series: 15 Hugs
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Published: 10/13/2006 Updated: 10/13/2006

1. Chapter 1 by Geniusgirl [Reviews - 2] (2052 words)
Originally written for the LiveJournal community 15hugs. Theme #3 - Stuck Together

Warning: Spoilers for the end of the series and pre-GX info.

Author's Note: This story is, without doubt, my most "canon" fanfiction ever. Despite the "fanon" pairing, I think I managed to work the story into the canon plotline nicely without pushing too many of Kazuki Takahashi's boundaries. I'm really proud of myself for having written this. My one regret is that I wrote it almost all in one night and the vocabulary is nothing stunning. But other than that, I'm quite fond of this piece.

And just a bit of trivia before you actually get into the story:
(a) This was originally called "Seto Makes Life" and later, "My Own". I think "Line Break" was the best choice in the end.
(b) As I was writing the first half of this story, I seriously considered turning it into a Seto/Yugi shonen-ai piece... j/k Don't worry, it isn't and there are no hints.