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Title: I'm In A Good Mood Reviewer: SmileZ Anonymous

dude. i don't see this on ffnet? hmmm maybe i should look in the K section. Great story! haha its really cute and sweet. Kaiba was in character (to me atleast) but his actions just scream OOC! but ionno. lol haha really cute story!

Author's Response: The FFnet version is located here. I'm curious how someone can seem OOC and IC at the same time. There wasn't very much "action" in this story at all, aside from Kaiba deciding to find out if his theory about Anzu was correct, and dragging her off to a deserted classroom to find out if they were. I suppose that might be a little OOC to some that think Kaiba just wouldn't care at all, but then, the story revolves around the idea that Kaiba HATES not knowing things for sure. So when he finds out the truth, can he handle it? This is just a short fluff piece exploring that possibility.

Date: 10/18/2006 02:52 AM [Report This]
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