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Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Lester Anonymous
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Date: 10/08/2012 05:46 AM [Report This]
Title: Chapter 3 Reviewer: AtemSeto Signed


Date: 08/02/2009 01:57 PM [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: thejorge001 Signed
Date: 04/04/2007 01:11 PM [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: ... Anonymous
I dont get it...
Date: 07/17/2006 10:54 PM [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Night Anonymous
kool update soon really want to know wat happens next
Date: 05/18/2006 02:54 AM [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Hikari Anonymous
0_0;; What the hell did they do???
?r?nSounds like Seto-chan.
?r?n*gets smacked by Seto* Oww...
Date: 03/27/2006 11:23 PM [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Teresa Anonymous
I want to read more of this story. It is pretty good for chapter 1. I wonder what will happen next. You sure left me hanging.
Date: 01/29/2006 06:48 PM [Report This]
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