Reviews For World Champion
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Title: World Champion Reviewer: aileen Anonymous
its great.... kaiba.... when i imagine him his some kind of cute..... hehehehe.... i like to rate you 100 but.... its only 10.... too great.....
Date: 07/11/2006 09:34 AM [Report This]
Title: World Champion Reviewer: Yesenia Rivera Anonymous
Man I wish I had a Dark Magician Girl card. But I guess I better keep on dreaming huh? Anyways that story was nice and it taught me what glomping means.
Date: 01/12/2006 08:31 PM [Report This]
Title: World Champion Reviewer: Hidden_Layers Signed
Lol, this fanfic was kind of humorous. :D Imagine Kaiba's surprise when Joey asked him "Can she glomp you?"  Without hesitation!  ^_^ I really liked this fanfic, and one of the reasons are because I have a Dark Magician Girl card myself!  :D Seriously, I was so lucky to get it!  XD
Date: 12/22/2005 01:41 AM [Report This]
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