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Hullo! Avid azureshipping fan here. I've been writing this 'ship since early '05 - and here I still am! *laughs* I've got a lot of stories, most notably my big "Lifestyles" series. I'm going to try to move my stories to this archive, though it might take some time.

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Stories by 8LB

Bittersweet by 8LB

Rated: T • 3 Reviews
Summary: An AU story that features Seto as a detective and Anzu as a femme fatale sort of secretary person. In a sort of "film noir" style.

Lifestyles of the Rich and the Arrogant by 8LB

Rated: T • 0 Reviews
Summary: The gang plus Kaiba enroll in a 'Beginning Business' elective class. The teacher flirts shamelessly with Honda, Kaiba's exposed far more than he wishes to be, and much ridiculousness - and zinging - abounds. But it all culminates in a very sweet azureshipping end.

Reciprocity by 8LB

Rated: K+ • 0 Reviews
Summary: Anzu gives Seto a present for Christmas; she winds up getting a little something in return.